Exhibition Live | Huge Energy Shines at Tainan International Green Industry EXPO 2024 2024-06-11

From May 30 to June 1, the Tainan International Green Industry EXPO 2024 took place at ICC Tainan. Huge Energy showcased a range of cutting-edge innovative products and excellent photovoltaic system solutions, aimed at empowering global customers.

The exhibition attracted more than 90 exhibitors from 7 countries, with a total of 250 booths, making it the largest event in its history and highlighting Tainan's growing international influence in the green industry sector. The expo focused on advanced solar photovoltaic technology, the latest photovoltaic materials, high-efficiency solar panels, and innovative energy conversion technology, showing the promising applications of green energy technology.

Huge Energy stood out by showcasing its solar mounting structures, all constructed from premium aluminum alloy 6055-T5. These products meet multiple international and regional standards and have passed rigorous testing and certification. And they boast excellent corrosion resistance and yield strength, capable of withstanding a Category 17 typhoon, and ensuring more than 25 years of corrosion resistance.

The adjustable structures and ground screws introduced by Huge Energy are particularly suitable for hillside projects, eliminating the need for extensive land preparation and significantly reducing material and labor costs. The glue-free bracket technology with 100% waterproof developed by Huge Energy, now in its fourth generation, has been successfully applied in notable projects such as the solar carport project at TSMC in Southern Taiwan Science Park and a fishery solar plant in Cigu District.

During the exhibition, Mayor Huang visited the booth of Huge Energy. He expressed strong approval of the products and services and offered valuable suggestions for further improvement. His attention and support have boosted Huge Energy's confidence in continuing to expand in the Taiwan market. With Mayor Huang's encouragement, Huge Energy is more committed than ever on its mission to revolutionize the photovoltaic industry, spearheading innovation, and delivering top-notch solutions to power global energy transformation.

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